Starting Out

Here we are starting off an attempt to journal, share and archive the process. The Process of what? The act of building something that matters to myself – and the journey of transforming the formless into a concrete that matters to others. The destination isn’t known, but the direction is.

Beginning on this site (and path) is particularly bittersweet. I’ve already done it several times before. Even in writing this post I had to start over, getting a cold that took me completely out of commission for two weeks. However, I keep picking things up and giving it another shot… because Scribble Dojo has mattered for too long. It was the focus when I didn’t have any other clarity, and the patience at the back of my mind working day to day. Building skills and expanding possibilities, while important –  kept it stuck as simply an idea for many years.

Eventually… the notion of “not ready” dissolved into “why not?”

Scribble Dojo as a concept had evolved over time. At first it’s what I called my studio space. Then I thought of it as a company name. Still further it’s changed to define a philosophy. A juxtaposition between experimentation and execution. The process between idea to object. The bridge between discovery and knowledge. The link between play and work, and the relationship of spontaneous with mechanical.

Every stage of anything worth doing has both a messy start, and monotonous finish. A rough sea followed by smooth sailing. A Scribble phase and a Dojo phase. I can that proves true with myself, with this company, with this blog – and ultimately my understanding during it all. I can’t say how many times I’ll have to start over, but I’ll be recording what I can along the way.

The rockiest of roads happen to be made of stepping stones.


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